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Welcome to my site! My love for all things language has taken its latest form. I have created this as step one of my plan to create a place to share my stories. Please pause awhile and explore what I have to offer. Stay tuned for more to come. And before you leave, sign up to get updates via email. Thanks for looking!

Short Stories

Each short story will be told in serial posts first. After the serials have completed the story, you will find the whole version of the story under this section. You can choose to read the whole story in this section or read it as individual posts under the Serial Stories section. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

 Serial Stories

 Serial stories were historically published in newspapers and magazines as an economic way for the masses to consume literature. When I began writing my short stories, I was not breaking up scenes into chapters, but I discovered that these scenes made excellent breaks to create the story into serials. I enjoy sharing them this way with you. I hope you feel the same.

Random Musings

Part of being a kick-ass woman (refer to About), I have a lot of thoughts and opinions on my life and my surroundings. I share them with you here.