In Search of Something Super 7: Life Lessons

After the initial family drama melt down the first night I had returned to work, things seemed to go a little more smoothly. Everyone tried to understand that me returning to work and leaving them to do more things on their own was less about hurting them and more about making myself happy. It was not very hard to see that working with Mark made me happy. I was finally happier than I had been in quite some time, and it was very noticeable.

In Search of Something Super 6: Adjusting

This project is quite amazing. It is simple yet efficient, and I know exactly where to start. It feels good to be doing what I am trained to do. I am much better at this than at the whole superhero gig, but I must keep reminding myself this is only temporary. This may be the best job I have ever had, but I am not an employee. I am only a consultant on this project, so I need to make the most of this.

In Search of Something Super 5: The Job

A week later, I pull into a parking lot surrounded by expensive vehicles. It is my first day consulting with Mark on his food distribution project for the government. Mark told me the dress was casual, but I still opted for khakis and a button up. I needed to show some professionalism, not only to the job but for myself. I had to prove to myself that I can do something right.

In Search of Something Super 4: The Interview

After everyone left for the day, I dressed for an previously scheduled interview later that morning. It is the first call-back I have received. It is not exactly a perfect fit. It is for a Junior Engineer, which I am about ten years beyond, but it is the only bite I have gotten since I started. I must start again somewhere, and I promised myself to stay optimistic.

In Search of Something Super 3: Family

“Mommy,” my five-year old Abigail yells from her room. “Where’s my pink bow?” “Good morning to you too Abigail!” I say to her from the doorway of her room. “Your bow is in the bathroom top-right drawer. You put it there last night.” “Yay Mommy! Thank you! Thank you! I love having you home!” she exclaims. “You just enjoy home cooked breakfasts before school. Plus I keep your room clean.” I tease lovingly.