Short Stories


When Charlotte’s happily ever after is torn from her, she has decisions to make about her life moving forward. With help and guidance she chooses a path to help her survive. What will her decision mean when the unexpected happens?

Protested Asylum

A woman is engulfed with the emotions from being a new mom during the Victorian age. She is continually bombarded with decisions that she deals with on her own. Protested Asylum is a fiction short-story to illustrate the difference between women’s issues from the Victorian age and present day America.

Second Chance

Anna and her family have been put in an impossible situation. After the drought came to their farms, they decided to make a new home in Chicago. They are forced to travel by wagon and hope they have better luck there. Their journey becomes more complicated when their horses are stolen. Their attempt to retrieve their property changes their lives forever. Second Chance is a fiction short-story to illustrate the hard decisions one family must make to survive after the 1920’s stock market crash and the 1930’s dust bowl affects their farms.

Honest John Runs for President

A senator running for president and the lengths he goes to in order to help a friend. 

In Search of Something Super

When Jane quits her job in search of something different that could make her happy, her life quickly spirals out of control. She is searching for herself and what she finds is quite a ride into self-discovery.

Tragic Happiness

When Abby has the worst moment of her life, she is left with more decisions about her life than she thought possible. Will she be able to get past the pain and find something better?