Unexpected 6: The Change

Six months later 

I wouldn’t say that time heals all wounds, but it does help shine perspective on the pain. I would say that life has gotten better for me, but in all honesty, I had hit rock bottom so there was nowhere to go but up. One way that I was getting through all my issues was burying myself into my school work. I was taking double loads and working through the summer. I was due to graduate in May due to all my hard work. I had put my personal life on hold to do this, but who am I kidding, I had no interest in having a personal life.  

One day I received a letter in the mail. It was postmarked from the U.S. Government. I had been getting these on and off the past few months trying to straighten out all my benefits of being a widow of an active army vet, so it was nothing new for me. I let myself in to my dorm room, opening the letter as I threw down all my text books. I quickly skimmed the letter to see if there was anything that needed my attention immediately, after all, Veteran’s Affairs may be the slowest department in history, but if you miss your quick deadline, there were no second chances.  

I stopped mid-read realizing this was not about my benefits at all. I sat down and began from the beginning. 

Dear Charlotte Wild, 

I am not sure if you remember me. My name is Jonathon Tyler. I served with your husband’s father. I have been keeping my ear close to the ground listening for any news on Jacob. I should not be passing this information to you before the proper authorities have a chance to come up with the cover story they will tell you, but I thought you and Jacob’s parents deserve to know the truth immediately. If you would be so kind as to not let anyone know that it was I who informed you, I would be truly grateful. I have asked Jacob’s parents to do the same. 

It is my pleasure to inform you that Jacob Wild has been located within enemy territory. To our understanding, after the accident where he and his entire unit was presumed dead, he had received severe injuries. He was taken to an underground hospital where he has been in a coma since the time of the accident. He had lost all his credentials at the time, and the enemy had forced the hospital to keep his existence secret to keep the conflict between our countries from escalating.  

Jacob has now recently woken up with his memory intact and demanded to be returned to U.S. soil immediately. To my understanding, he should be landing back in the country any day now. He may already be here when you receive this letter. From what I have been able to find out, most of his injuries have healed while he was in the coma. He may have a broken limb now, but everything else has healed. You should be officially hearing from someone soon, and you should be able to visit him shortly thereafter. 

This is unbelievable! I will write you if I find out any other information before you have been told. 

Sincerely a friend, 

Jonathon Tyler 

To be continued…

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