Unexpected 8: The Distraction

A few days later, I get to take Jacob home or at least back to his old bedroom at his parent’s house. He is already talking about apartment shopping, but I told him there is no rush. I have my dorm until I graduate in May. I haven’t spoken out loud my fear that once he discovers my secret, he may not want to get an apartment with me or even be married to me anymore.  

“Besides,” I say to him, “you need to concentrate on healing the rest of the way before we add the stress of a home to the mix.” 

I have been trying to keep my distance from him since that day in the hospital. It was not that hard as there were so many people requiring his attention at any point in the day. But now we were completely alone, and I needed to get out of the room before I ruined everything and he kicked me out of his life forever. Having him not know the truth was better than not having him. That happened before and I would not go back to that again. I do not know if I could survive losing him again.  

Having no clue to why I was being elusive, he grabbed my wrist and tugged me down into the bed with him. “Hey, why does it seem like you are trying to get away from me? We are finally alone, and the doctors have cleared me on the important parts for normal duty,” he said waggling his brows at me. “I may have been asleep for months, but it seems my body was unaware of fulfilling its urges. Plus, seeing you is not helping the situation at all.” 

He drags me up on to his chest and gently pulls my head up to look at him. “What is really wrong here Charlotte? You just don’t seem right.” 

Not willing to go there I try to distract him from the question. I stroke his jaw up until my hand tangles into his hair. I pull him down to taste him for the first time in months. Somehow it is better than I remember, and he must think so too because the kiss intensifies and suddenly neither of us are in the mood to talk anymore. He proceeds to show how much he wants me, and I proceed to forget why I shouldn’t. 

To be continued…

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