In Search of Something Super 2: Such a Disappointment

By 9:30 that morning, I have packed lunches for my two children and my husband, as well as, prepped dinner in the slow cooker. I have finished reading my book I started yesterday, and caught up on the news. The house is quiet, and I have nothing to do. I guess it is time to hit the pavement, metaphorically speaking. Now a days, applying for jobs is all done digitally. It takes hours to apply for one job, but the digital world makes everything easier. Right? It’s a full-time job applying for jobs, but here I go.

In Search of Something Super 1: Identity Crisis

My life is spiraling. I am so exhausted. I fall asleep as soon as my head hits my pillow at night. I chose to take a chance by quitting my job. I mean, a woman in her 30’s striving to be happy should not be such a life altering decision. Boy, was I wrong. My family is my number one priority and really my true passion in life, but I need to join the rat race in order to help feed and clothe my children, and let’s face it, my husband too. I need more in my life.