Second Chance 6: What Next?

After a full day of riding alone, I finally caught up to everyone else. Despite the circumstances, I was no longer crying. Mostly because there were no more tears to cry. I was exhausted and dehydrated. I told the whole story to everyone...

Second Chance 6: Let’s Rob a Bank!

I helped Harry, Grace and Mary gather what we would need for the next few days. They have the horses. Mother and I are to meet up with them in a day’s time. This will give them a head start. They should be able to stay safe this time even if we get caught. We decided on just the horses. We would be faster without the wagons, the horses only carrying us and a minimal amount of food and other supplies. For our plan to work, we must be fast. We took a horse for each of us.

Second Chance 5: Feminine Wiles

“We cannot do that Mary!” my mother exclaimed. “It is one thing to steal something that belongs to us, but to steal something that was never ours. It would just be wrong.” “Did you look around when they dragged us in here?” Mary calmly replied. “Did you not notice how this town looks completely untouched by all the troubles that are out there right now. No one in this town is innocent. I believe they prey on people like us trying to escape their hardships. They use us to stay thriving. Their bank is probably full of other people’s money they stole or procured somehow.”

Second Chance 4: Last Chance

A jail cell is much worse than sleeping outside. It is colder, more sterile, and so quiet it borders on spooky. The only sound between the three cells we were in was Hazel cooing completely unaware of the dire situation we were in. It has been 12 hours since the sheriff brought us in, and we have not seen the thief since he brought us here. Only slightly aware of day breaking through the window at the end of the hallway, I could only guess that it was still too early to take care of the new pests giving him a hard time. How could the sheriff be a corrupt thief?

Second Chance 3: How to be a thief

I thought being a thief would be exhilarating. I am with my brother and mother in the breezy, dark night waiting for the town to still. We stay just outside of town watching but not daring to make ourselves seen by anyone in town. We barely even speak to one another. The plan is to wait until it seems most everyone has went to bed and sneak in and break out our horses. Seems super easy, but something feels off. After all, the two men who stole our horses to begin with were up late, so how can we really know when it is safe to get our horses?