Honest John Runs for President: Day 1

“His state has elected him senator

where he has served 18 concurrent years. His passion for the people has aided the citizens of Virginia to help fight hunger, homelessness, and job loss for as long as he could talk. He has brought Virginia veterans the care and help they deserve. As a volunteer and all around good guy, John Humbledon can bring the same ideas and hard work he has brought Virginia since he was a child. Humbledon will be the next great President. Hi, I’m John Humbledon and I approve this message.”

As the television goes black, the room remains quiet waiting on a reply from this great man John. All eyes are on him with hopefulness and faith. Twenty seconds have passed and all remains still. Finally John replies, “You don’t think this makes me look like a douche.”

“Senator Humbledon that is not really proper language for the future President of the United States,” came a strong voice behind the crowd.
April Glass is a political writer turned head campaign manager. She has been with John since he started Soup’s on Us at the age of 18 in the small town of Jonesville, Virginia, where he was born and raised. John’s campaign to raise money to help all the hungry, homeless, and veterans in the outlying areas of Jonesville made national news. Never before had an 18 year old began a business that helped so many others and enlisted the help of so many celebrities, politicians, and upper elite to promote such a great cause.

April met him the day of the grand opening of his second Soup’s on Us outside of Manassas, Virginia. She was not the only press interested. She was surrounded by the New York Times, Good Morning America, and even Johnny Carson from The Tonight Show was there. Celebrities like Bono, who can still be seen at all the activist events, was in good company with people like the current President of the United States Ronald Regan. This was no small time event, and John was no ordinary citizen. He had spark in his eyes, hard working hands, and charisma that no one could ignore.

April was not one to be ignored either. She was a feisty 20 something reporter with something to prove. Fresh out of college and still holding to the belief that she could make a difference, John and April were a lot alike. At least she thought so, now she had to convince him to give her a one-on-one interview, but John was not the only one with charisma.

“John,” she raised her hand in the sea of reporters there to get their story on the young, handsome do-gooder. “John, why do you serve carrot soup? Don’t you think there are more appetizing soups to serve even to the needy population?”
Thus April and John’s relationship was born. April got her exclusive, and it made her career. After that she was always there for John’s accomplishments, not only because it was her job, but April and John became friends. They believed in what the other stood for, so it was natural that when John decided to run for president 2013, she’d be there to help the campaign. Besides who knew about the media better than a successful reporter, and April would not have been anywhere but helping John to succeed. They knew each other so well. April even introduced John to his wife Maggie. John trusted April with his political career. He knew that she had his best interest at heart, and who better to run his campaign than someone he knew he could trust that way.

John smiled toward April as she continued, “But it does make you a little douchie.”

“Let’s try an ad that is honest, but doesn’t make me sound like I’m a saint. No one would believe that was actually true about anyone even if it is,” John’s grin widening.

Everyone began to scatter out of the office leaving John and April alone. “Well I say we wrap it up for the night. Do you want to grab a bite before heading home,” John asked April. “Maggie had a campaign ball with the ladies of the D.A.R. tonight and won’t be home yet.”

“I can’t tonight John. I have some more business to do before going home. You won’t become President if I slack off as your campaign manager now.”
“April you have been working so hard. Let me get you some more help. My presidency doesn’t have to come before your own life. You’re my friend and I want you to be happy.”

“I am happy. Like you said, we’re friends and I want to help you make this happen. Don’t worry about me. Go home and get some rest. You can’t look tired for your speech tomorrow in Florida. You have to look handsome, so you can get the lady vote.” She smiled at her friend, letting him know she was ok.
John sighed. “Ok fine, but at least order yourself some take-out. You need to take care of yourself too.”

As John left the office, he didn’t question April’s motives for declining dinner. She had a lot on her plate lately and she did her job well. As he pushed the button in the elevator, he looked at the offices he was populating for the campaign. Everyone was gone for the evening and the area was dark, all except the corner office where April was stationed. Her light was aglow, and he could see the shadows on the walls. April was on the phone again, highly animated with gestures. As the elevator doors closed, he could only imagine she was trying to get more air time for his campaign ads. He really didn’t know what he would do without her. He didn’t know that he was about to find out.

To be continued…

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