Second Chance 4: Last Chance

Maybe an hour later,

Harry, Hazel, and even Grace were asleep once again. Who could blame them? It is so quiet and boring in here, but I unable to sleep. My thoughts are racing through my mind. How are we going to get out of this mess?

“I should have gone alone,” my mother said under her breath, breaking the silence. “I could have saved both our families from being stuck in here.”

“Mother, no!” I said to her. “We are family, and we should always be together. We would not have left you even if you were in this situation alone. We still would have needed to find a solution to get you out. Your life is important to all of us.”

“Anna, I am getting older. Mary too. That is the true reason we left Kansas. I knew to get our farms up and running would take more than Mary and I could do alone, even with the help of the three of you. I knew we had to leave. So, I sat down with Mary, and here we are. Stuck in this god-awful situation.”

“Well then that settles it,” I say, “We have to get out of here and get to father before it is too late.”

“And we have to find a way to stick it to our sheriff friend and his so-called law-abiding town,” Mary said.

My mother smiles sweetly to me before responding to Mary. “Just how do you propose we do that?”

“I think I have an idea. It will not only make them pay, but it will help us get to Chicago since everything we owned was confiscated by our dear sheriff,” Mary told her.

With those words, we once again started working together to plan how to get out of the cell and back on our way to Chicago.

To Be Continued…

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