How Does Google Read our Minds Every Day?

Gone are the days when questions go unanswered. Modern technology is at our fingertips providing us with answers at lightning speed. So how does the number one search engine, Google, decide on what answer they give us? It is not magic.

Once we fully understand how Google searches the web, we can utilize several techniques to grow our business website. There are simple tools provided by Google that we can follow. By implementing quick and simple action plans, you can ensure success.

Promoting User Friendly Search Results

Google is ever changing in the way it interacts with its users. They learn and morph with the way users grab and utilize their content. Over the years, they have created ways they can even know our question before it is asked. Think of Google as that incredibly nosey neighbor watching everything you do until they know your daily routine. They outline all their techniques and advancements to illustrate everything they do for us.

How Google understands Search Questions

Not only does Google know the correct search result, but they help ensure we ask questions that will give the us the most accurate results. Google gives the user the ability to click a link with the correct spelling or it will show results with a synonym of a word. The user can choose to keep Google’s suggestion or not. Google is a smart search engine that utilizes the dictionary and thesaurus to provide the user with the most accurate search question to ensure results the first time.

How Google Matches Search to Results

Google has been in this game for a while. It has created algorithms to ensure your search results are quick and accurate. Google uses what they call webcrawlers to explore the internet searching keywords on every website. Those keywords are used to match other users to the appropriate websites.

Google records every search, using search popularity to provide users with quick search results. They use your location to make sure your result matches better to your surrounding area, cutting down how much of our time is wasted searching.

Google Direct Answers

Search engines like Google have given users the ability to find answers quickly, but they took it even further to get instantaneous answers.  Google partners with businesses to show direct results on the search engine without clicking on another site. If the user wants to know the weather or the cast in a specific movie, the results show the user directly on the search engine without loading a new page. This makes results even more immediate.

How to utilize Google Search Processes to benefit your Business

SEO. That big scary word that is used any time we search how to increase our traffic flow. Another acronym with a definition that no matter how many times we search the meaning, we continue to forget what it means. Even knowing that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, we are still unsure what that means for normal people. Google is here to help explain it in terms we can understand. They provide a starter guide to detail all things SEO. This guide provides helpful ways to promote your business.

Remember to thoroughly describe what your website is by using accurate page titles. This will ensure each viewer knows what they will see when they go to your site. Simply putting in the effort to represent your website accurately will promote your reliability with Google and increase your website optimization.

Google may be fairly tight lipped on the exact specifications of the algorithms they use to promote one website over another, Google has provided a few ways to improve. Each website is ranked, and the higher the ranking, the more reliable your site. So how does a new website increase its rankings? One common way is something called backlinking. When another website with a higher ranking links to your website, they are personally vouching for your website’s reliability. Learn more about backlinking here.

One easy way to increase your website visibility is simply keeping the content on your site as fresh and reliable as possible. Create new posts about products or content you have been working on. Create a blog on your website relating to your topic. This can fill in gaps when you have no new products to promote. If you would prefer not to bother and would prefer to have someone else do it for you, please contact me. I have experience with marketing and creating blogs for websites and social media. I would be more than happy to discuss what I can do to help.

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