Honest John Runs for President: Day 5 On

John knew that April would never have committed suicide,

but somehow his determination to find the truth had affected him in the presidency. He had acted with care and proceeded with caution and had found the truth, but the media had flipped everything on its head, like always. Suddenly his campaign was involved with a murder scandal and homosexuality. Never once did they report on the fact that he had done what was right and that he had helped put a murderer away for his crimes. In politics, these labels were the death of a career. In John’s case it was the death of a great man. John went from someone people could trust to do the right thing to a plague, and on top of that, he had to deal with everything he had learned about April’s death. He wished he had been there for her. He wished she had confided everything in him. May be things would be different now.

…The End

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